Back To The Future

Here at Poet Motors, we love (almost) all motorcycles. Especially old motorcycles with internal combustion and carburetors.

Yet we recognize that it sometimes feels like Samuel Beckett’s account: “The sun shone, having no alternative, on the nothing new.”

Well here is something new from someone old. The 2019 Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle.


My brother is an old-school Harley enthusiast, and I’m sure he hates this thing. But I think it looks brilliant and I’m glad to see Harley embracing the inevitable future of motorcycling. Besides, for the time being, there is room enough for the past, present and future.

**Update: Harley has now released the specs for the LiveWire. Most significantly, $30k and 110 mile claimed range. I still say good for Harley for building the LiveWire, but this is a bike for millennials at a price millenials cannot afford. I hope it survives long enough for the price to come down and the range to go up. Until then, I fear the future might have to wait.

Bronson Bigelow